Sunday Trading..!

Even by our standards, this was a quirky sale..! We were enjoying a nice relaxing Sunday Morning away from the Gallery when the iPad chirped off notifying us that we'd got tagged in a Twitter exchange between one of our clients and a complete stranger. The complete stranger is the happy looking chap pictured above, Mr Simon Elsmore. The fantastic piece of Art he's posing with is 'The Passion' by Bob Barker which we were pleased to have sourced for him.

Simon had been having a frustrating search for a piece of fabulous Art by Bob Barker called 'The Passion' that sold out pretty much immediately on release. Out of sheer frustration, he turned to Twitter and typed the search in of #BobBarkerPassion.

His search led him to a client of ours, Kate Matthews, who'd snapped 'The Passion' up on release and had 'Tweeted' about it at the time. He Private Messaged her asking her if she'd be willing to sell it. Obviously Not was the reply but she did kindly tell him that she knew of a fantastic Gallery who may be able to help..... :)  So...Less than an hour later, Simon and his lovely family were heading down from Manchester and we'd put down the Sunday Papers and were hot footing it to the Gallery to meet them.  To cut a long story short, Simon and family were soon happily heading home with 'The Passion' and we were heading home after yet again matching wonderful people up with wonderful art.  #WeLoveOurJob

Sara & Rich @AntidoteArt

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