How a client made £5,000 profit in less than a year with Marvel & us at Antidote..!

Around August last year, we met a great guy in the gallery and got chatting about the potential of buying art as an investment. He'd never bought art before, so although excited, he was also a little apprehensive, as of course, there are no guarantees in this world.

We asked a few questions about his home, lifestyle and budget, most importantly what appealed to him (always the most important consideration in any investment), as he had a young family, the prospect of something as a nest egg for his children, as well as being visually appealing to the family was important. Armed with that, we pointed him towards The Marvel Collection A set of 6 limited edition boxed canvases signed by Marvel comics legend Stan Lee priced at £5750.

Although a considerable initial investment our customer had already decided on his budget, we worked within that (we have a number of other anecdotes we can share with a spend as little as £3-500).

Below is the page from the Spring 2013 Fine Art Collector Magazine which shows the Boxed Canvas Price of £5750.

The Marvel Set generated a storm of interest and within just a few months the whole collection had sold out completely. Despite being a sell out from the publishers, it hasn't stopped demand rising, the portfolio now stands priced at £10,750..!

Below shows the increased price, thats a £5,000 increase on purchase price!

Even if you'd have just bought a single £995 framed canvas they are now changing hands for just under £2,000..!

So, why are we telling you this....?!


Marvel have agreed this additional collection, again all personally hand chosen and signed by the legendary Stan Lee himself.
To make an intelligent investment with your money just like our customer did, just click the link below and visit our Marvel Web Page.

Or, take the safer option and put it in an ISA.. where you'll unfortunately only have made £132 ...!



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