Drew Darcy

Drew Darcy was born in Shrewsbury, 1976 – the eldest of twin boys. It was one of the hottest and driest summers ever recorded in the UK. Being a son of a doctor and a nurse, He always felt he was in safe hands right from the start. Darcy's artistic flare may well have been passed down from his mother's side. She was one of a family of ten children. Music and art was a central part of growing up in Dublin. Darcy's grandfather was from five generations of tailors and trained in Savile Row to become a Bespoke Tailor. He had three shops in Ireland one of which was in historical Kilmainham, Dublin. On his fathers side, his grandfather was an industrial designer and skilled draughtsman. Thus the fabric of the artist was woven!

The perfect pieces as a finishing touch to your boudoir.