Atomic Girl (Blondie - B/W) - 2017 - JJ Adams
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Atomic Girl (Blondie - B/W) - 2017 - JJ Adams

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JJ Adams is 'the' Contemporary UK Artist of right now.  

JJ's Artwork sells out so quick that even us at Antidote Art are left disappointed !  

Within minutes of new work being released, JJ Adams' huge number of collectors and clients swarm upon and absorb the intelligent brilliance, detail and mischief of his work.  

Right now, his art is collected by the informed few, however, as his name and infamy spreads to the masses, it's inevitable that demand will grow and availability will be harder to come by...

His latest piece is of a limited print run of only 10 and measures 75" by 47"  Framed Size.

Medium: Paper - Mounted including a beautiful hardwood black recessed frame.

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